A not-so-friendly letter recently sent out at the behest of Madame Secretary of Health & Human Services, issued to anyone doing any sort of business, health-related or otherwise, at an East Coast senior citizen facility. All in the name of protecting senior citizens from any sort of harm or exploitation. Note the threats. Note the life-ruining penalties. Note the stringent requirements and precise time frames. Note the demand for extensive documentation, in triplicate or more to local authorities, state authorities, The Secretary Herself! All in the name of protecting senior citizens.

What responsible American adults have done for centuries and would continue to do without compulsion, the freezing iron hand of The State now lawfully orders, regulates and punishes from on high. “Affordable Healthcare” is not affordable healthcare, but all-consuming power over private citizens by intimidation.  It CAN happen here and it has, legally, in the name of “Free, Affordable, Universal, Guaranteed Healthcare.”

Repeal, Repeal, Repeal. Return healthcare and the rest of the American way of life to the free marketplace or live forever in fear of the next threatening letter…or worse: State officers arriving at your door to mete out punishment. All in the name of “Patient Protection and Affordable Care.”

More on Socialized Healthcare, a complete takeover of EVERYTHING in the name of “Patient Protection and Affordable Care.”

More on Socialism, asphyxiation by taxation and regulation.

More on Communism, Marx’s utopian recipe for the most brutal tyranny known to modern man.

More on Fascism, the individual subjugated to the will of the Collective.

More on Totalitarianism, total political power over people.

The all-consuming TOTALitarian quality of Obama’s Marxist “transformation of America” leads one to virtually every category of concern.


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