Obama Funder/Crony Capitalist/Carbonite CEO David Friend. He did it “for the children.”

Georgetown University law student and activist Sandra Fluke speaks during an appearance on the daytime talk show, "The View," Monday, March 5, 2012 in New York. Fluke talked about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and the comments he made on his program after she testified to Democratic members of Congress in support of a requirement that health care companies provide coverage for contraception. Fluke told ABC's "The View" on Monday that she hasn't heard from Limbaugh since he issued a written apology late Saturday. (AP Photo/ABC, Lou Rocco)

Obama BFF/Darling of “The View”/Leftist flavor of the week Sandra Fluke. She did it “for the women.”

Mark Steyn at Orange County Register points out just how far down, down, down the socialist-utopian rabbit hole this country has fallen when an adult woman demands that her Jesuit school, by government edict, subsidize her casual sex life, and everyone doesn’t laugh!

Limbaugh advertiser and trusted [former] keeper of the private files of many Rush listeners Carbonite has shown its face. The face is all too familiar, the sinister, coldly pragmatic features of Crony Capitalism, the lifeblood of Socialism/Communism.

Without cooperative capitalists, no communist regime can survive a day. Never mind Lenin’s bemused, unvarnished contempt for those same capitalists eager to sell him the rope with which he would happily hang them.

The David Friends of the world no doubt think they’re immune,  special FOBs(Friends of Barack). A sharp-edged surprise awaits them. Being deserted by principled American customers unwilling to cooperate in their own destruction is the kindest, most honest punishment Cronies like Mr. Friend will enjoy. Not so kind is what awaits a David Friend or a Sandra Fluke when they no longer serve any political purpose to those in power. Useful idiots. When will they ever learn?

Carbonite CEO David Friend revealed to be staunch Obama supporter.

Meanwhile, Limbaugh supporters unload Carbonite stock.

Thanks but No Thanks. The equally unprincipled(and panicky) Sleep Train, whose business was built on Rush’s listeners over the past 5 years, is politely refused reinstatement by Mr. Limbaugh’s representative.

Carbonite, already on southern trajectory, continues to nosedive after “bone-headed decision” by David Friend to crony up closer to Obama White House (Dan Riehl at Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com).

One Reply to “Vox Populi: Carbonite gets a message. Sandra Fluke’s 15 minutes almost up.”

  1. Carbonite is now — and always has been — losing money hand-over-fist at the rate of $20+ million per year.

    Look at its 2011 Annual Report: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1340127/000119312512101462/d277280d10k.htm

    The company has an “accumulated deficit” (accountant-speak for “cumulative loss”) of $100 million.

    Carbonite was rescued from insolvency by an IPO last summer.

    Losing its Rush-relationship will leave it ever more vulnerable to the growing competition.

    Beam me up, Mr. Speaker! … Carbonite’s kamikaze CEO has effectively cut his own throat to protest Limbaugh’s jokes about Sandra Fluke’s crusade to compel other people to pay for her and other Georgetown Law students’ birth control!

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