Baltimore=Ferguson Redux=…the next one.

UPDATE 6/8/20: It’s high time for today’s American Blacks to put the blazing vision of Booker T. Washington into practice…or self-destruct at the hands of those 21st century race hustlers known as the Democrat Party.


The Latest in White/Male guilt

UPDATE 6/9/20: It’s getting embarrassing, what with an election coming up and Dem pandering to the Black vote reaching a new low. Lately, loony Dems fantasize themselves as Heroes Of The Resistance, and now they’re Jesus. What next? Can’t go higher than the Son of God….except….



Flag Day, 2015 

UPDATE 6/14/2020: Now more than ever, a symbol of what EVERYONE’s fight is. No, it’s not the non-existent, unattainable “equality” that drives the Marxist scam of “sharing the wealth,” “reparations” and the like. It’s FREEDOM.

Freedom flag


Bill Ayers-Bernadine Dohrn

UPDATE 6/14/20: White, super-privileged, ahead of their times. The dynamic duo of violent 60s activism, undoubtedly celebrating the latest outbreak of anarchy and domestic terror post-George Floyd.bill-ayers-stomping-on-american-flag[1]


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