UPDATE 6/9/20: It’s getting embarrassing, what with an election coming up and Dem pandering to the Black vote reaching a new low. Lately, loony Dems fantasize themselves as Heroes Of The Resistance, and now they’re Jesus. What next? Can’t go higher than the Son of God….except….


UPDATE 3/30/17: And if you’re not into racial guilt, there’s always the sin of being born male. If you’re also White, kill two birds with one stone. Extra points for being straight and rich. So much to be sorry for!!

ORIGINAL POST 7/24/16: Feelin’ bad? Feelin’ guilty? Try atonin’, the BLM way.

White Guilt-O-Rama: wash yo' sins away in the tide!
White Guilt-O-Rama: wash yo’ sins away in the tide!

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