Great news from the Fed regarding the equal distribution of misery. It’s snappily coined “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” or AFFH. Now suburban communities are by law required to have a pre-determined percentage of this race and that, specifically People Of Color. Since Black and Hispanic people are not distinct individuals in the Progressive worldview but simply demographic statistics, any Black or Hispanic will do when implementing this  noble bit of social engineering, even down-and-out Inner City criminals. Black Lives Matter is jubilant. Only racists would oppose such an exercise in spreading around the American Dream.


We heartily endorse “diversity” and insist that this humanitarian revolution begin on a 10 year trial basis in Hyannisport (Kennedyville), Palo Alto (megabucks SiliconValleyville) and nearby Marin County, Chappaqua (preferably right next door to the Clintons), the horsey VA ‘burbs surrounding DC, Princeton, Cambridge, the Upper East AND West Sides and anywhere self-satisfied, wealthy Liberals live, ready to share their neighborhoods and communities with whomever HUD decides will satisfy the stated quota. Once the inevitable racial harmony and economic boom kicks in, proving the wisdom of this move, the rest of the country can confidently follow suit. Who dare doubt the success and good intentions  of this? Only racists, of course.


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