The Wacky World of Liberal Fundamentalism

August 25, 2011

Thanks to Daletoons for image.

Fundamentals regarding, yes, Liberal Fundamentalism. If ever there was a fanatical modern, intolerant creed brooking NO disagreement and intoning The Absolute Word of [their very own] God, modern Liberalism is it. Think of Global Warming, itself an offshoot Faith totally devoted to the State as God: skeptics(heretics) labeled unapologetically as Holocaust Deniers. Decades of social engineering/welfare breeding mass poverty & dependence; yet the Dream Lives On!! Talk about fanatical Faith trumping reality, not to mention the more fundamental Equality Trumping Freedom at every turn.  Repeat the phrase frequently: Liberal Fundamentalism. Liberal Fundamentalism. Liberal Fundamentalism. It explains so much.

Read Robert Weissberg at American Thinker.

2 Responses to The Wacky World of Liberal Fundamentalism

  1. […] the ages-old individualism of faith in (and gratitude to) America and God and replaced it with a religious, rigid devotion to Social Justice, reform, championing The Underdog, fighting for The Victim, social engineering. […]

  2. […] is too outlandish or ridiculous in pursuit of absolute power. One particularly mendacious tenet of Leftist Fundamentalism is Green Energy, the idealized replacement of our thriving Western civilization’s fossil […]

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