Jimmy Obama

Everything old is new again! Let’s party like it’s 1980 again! Depression is back, ennui is cool, malaise rocks! And remember how good it felt the night after Election Day that year, how surprised we all were that there was a Silent Majority out there who didn’t cotton to The Peanut and his beguiling siren song of sacrifice and hopelessness. For a Change, let us Hope.

A Guide to the Liberal Mind

As a great fan of Jeff Foxworthy, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to use his hilarious you-might-be-a-redneck comedy routine in an attempt to characterize the liberal mindset (tweaking Jeff’s formula a bit to convert it from the suppositional to the unconditional). So, with apologies to the wonderful country comedian, here are some of the notable features of the liberal’s mental landscape:

Craving Another Great Depression

Pushing his agenda for higher taxes on “the rich,” President Obama kicked off his December 6 speech in Kansas by saying his Kansas grandparents “shared the optimism of a nation that triumphed over the Great Depression.”

In fact, the 1929 stock market crash turned into the long-running Great Depression because the counterproductive soak-the-rich policies of the federal government hadn’t “triumphed” in reversing the downturn.