American Spirit

UPDATE 10/25/20: More parades, flotillas, car rallies, even in Woke Hollywood Beverly Hills! Hope springs eternal.


Blexit or Bleakness

UPDATE 1o/24/20: If the latest figures of 46% Black support for Trump are true (or even half true), this is ecstatically good news, not simply for Trump supporters but especially for Blacks. Are those millions condemned to the Dem plantation with its calculated generational poverty, permanent victimhood and hopeless despair taking a turn to real hope and change?

blacks for trumpCoronaCrazed!

UPDATE 10/25/20: All the ginned-up hysteria surrounding “New Covid Cases!!!” and “Second Waves!!!” is fog obscuring the necessary, natural occurrence of herd immunity that leads to the eradication of the virus threat…a threat in itself to the diabolical panic narrative justifying perpetual lockdown. So much for the Left’s admiration for “the science.”

panic narrative



10/25/20: Well, well, well. Benign ol’ Lunch Bucket Joe from Scranton is really the “Big Guy” Godfather head of a busy Crime Family. And Hapless Hunter is his Fredo.  Looking long range at the Dem Prog Party, one should take stock of the deep contempt held by this Mr. Regular Guy for those “chumps” and “you ain’t Black” voters who don’t like him, shared with a certain other prominent Democrat with her basket of Deplorables. Great politicking there, guys! Let us hope for an imminent early retirement for Joe and well-earned obscurity for both.


half to Godfather


UPDATE 10/24/20: Will we ever recover from what the “Experts” have done to America and the world in response to CoronaCrazed! hysteria? To those too indolent to be bothered and too doctrinaire to be open-minded to any theory until disproven, lying and/or reliance on useless models is the way. This amounts to Affirmative Action for those hidebound types with an Establishment agenda, giving the touted “experts” the job rather than to those who have done the work and have authentically earned credibility.


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