It Can’t Happen Here?

UPDATE 6/25/20: It IS happening here: anarchy unopposed. And the name Kristi Noem comes up. One of the few, perhaps the only governor to leave her state in full, free American mode during the lockdown madness. “Not on my watch,” she once again says with regard to those intent on destroying Mt. Rushmore…and means it. We need this woman and more like her…badly.

Kristi on horseback


Popular Culture Storm Troopers

UPDATE 6/26/20: The Woke drive to decimate our history is now in overdrive, unopposed anarchy at the moment.  In service to transforming a free America into  “Democratic Socialism” (communism with a cozy-sounding name), they’re after the most important names and images in our history and cultural lives: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, (Teddy) Roosevelt, even Jesus. Erased. Purged. Self-loathing and guilt (we are informed) are the proper virtues of Good People. In reality, they are the poisonous seeds of our own self-destruction. Jonestown and its liberating Kool-aid has nothing on us at the moment. Our only hope lies in an overwhelming Silent Majority speaking with Teddy’s Big Stick in November.

Defense, minutemen

Nancy Pelosi

6/28/20: To the best of their collective recollection, Nancy and her fellow “hearts full of love” can’t seem to recall the name of the man who’s given them their latest crisis to exploit. That’s CARING!

Are the cameras still rolling? How long do we have to wear this friggin' mask 'n schmatte get-up?
Are the cameras still rolling? How long do we have to wear this friggin’ mask ‘n schmatte get-up?

Andrew Cuomo

UPDATE 6/28/20: “President Cuomo” thinks destroying statues and erasing American history is “healthy expression.” A logical statement coming from the expert who said America was never that great anyhow.

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