UPDATE 5/12/20: Who are these two men-Fauci and Ferguson-on whose sage advice we have needlessly shut down the entire world? What kind of fools are we to have listened to them?

ORIGINAL POST 4/19/20: In case it comes up (which it most assuredly will from the usual dark corners), the CoronaVirus HOAX has not been the potential threat of a virus originating in Communist China. The fraud has been the politically driven overstatement of how normal life should be affected. Since when was it decreed that all human activity, the entire world come to a standstill at the possibility of something or someone adversely affecting a few, in this case a virus preying primarily on the old and sick?

Rather than restating the obvious in hard figures and rational perspective,  resumption of NORMAL life is past due, NORMAL for Americans being free, responsible people exercising all our most basic rights of association and commerce and movement and speech that being American always has been.

As a country, we’ve politely behaved as cooperative hostages on a hijacked plane to nowhere. And though some of us have remained blessedly unaffected, one agonizes over the carnage of businesses and personal lives, millions of them needlessly ruined in numbers far beyond those of individuals seriously affected by a nasty biological virus.

Time to ring the curtain down on this farce, the latest in a string of attempts to undo the 2016 election. Many will recoil in shock and horror and condemnation. One is led to suspect there is hatred of freedom and a yearning for enslavement in the mental makeup of millions. That includes a total intolerance of others of a more lively nature. Shared misery, shared inertia. Thank you for sharing, but there are those of us who wish to go about our business on our own time and at our own pace.

Time to reboot, time to plug things in again, time once more to live and let live.



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