Real hope and change panics certain people.
Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Oh, the humanity.

What if Trump is right confronting N. Korea (reasserting America’s military presence in a dangerous world)? Controlling the borders(restoring rational law enforcement and national security)? Slashing corporate taxes (creating jobs, the only path to a better life for millions)? Getting rid of ObamaCare (restoring free market choice in healthcare and medical insurance to everyone)? Provoking and luring the Deep State Dark Side from its hiding place (exposing and draining the DC swamp)?

To the “resistance” and the motley assortment of Never Trumpers, the man and his style are an affront, a reproach, a sea change, an earthquake. And any positive outcome to the range of urgent challenges finally being faced promises to spell the collapse of reputations, credibility, any trust one might have about motives, competence, judgment, common sense. Frankly, my dear, who will give a damn?

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