According to Planned Parenthood, taking its cue from today’s prevailing PC orthodoxy:

Oh, really?

Aside from being the go-to place for an abortion or buying the harvested unborn baby parts, Planned Parenthood now goes the full politically correct distance to recommend all-out psychological assault on those children they haven’t already killed in the womb. According to this august organization, four year old boys and girls should be told that they might not be boys and girls but, rather, something else. Nothing like a dose of the most terrifying, destabilizing confusion and doubt to destroy a kid’s psyche. Get ’em young!

We’re also informed this week that the two female RINOS who, along with John McCain aborted the Obamacare repeal, have rationalized their positions as a way of saving indispensable Planned Parenthood. Presumably, they  are to be congratulated for that all-purpose good deed of Saving The Children (by killing or abusing them).

Can anyone cite one good reason why Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski shouldn’t be voted out of office? Collins-weary Maine voters show signs of agreeing. Is there anything suitably outrageous that the obscenely subsidized Planned Parenthood (the ultimate Humanitarian Hoax) can do to be publicly condemned as a criminal operation?

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