193647_5_[1]Why, asks today’s Democratic Party, should one have to prove citizenship to vote? Why indeed, answers today’s activist SCOTUS. No need to prove citizenship, the Feds overriding Arizona laws requiring such troublesome things as valid identification. Presumably, it’s discriminatory to exclude any or all those millions of illegal migrants pouring across the border, all those new trough-feeding Democrats, from voting. Congressional activists are now busy greasing the works any other way they can, waiving fees and other inconveniences that might stand in the way of more public dependents and Dem votes. Obama’s DOJ is going so far as to fine and otherwise harass American businesses that have the temerity to inquire about the legal immigration status of  potential employees.

On the other hand, if one  does it the legal way, demonstrates all the sterling qualities of citizenship and the ability to support oneself, you’re out. What has happened to us? Whatever it is, it will destroy us.


2 Replies to “SCOTUS Gone Wild! Waiving citizenship for voter registration”

  1. I believe we are living in the end times.How are we any different from Sodom and Gomorrah? There were good people then,but they suffered for the sins of the others. I never thought in my 86 years I would see this once great country brought to this state. May God have mercy on us.

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