Another creepy, totally believable wrinkle in the ongoing, slowly, reluctantly unfoldingĀ narrative that is the real Obama story. More from master unraveler of the Obama Gordian knot Jack Cashill.

Go to the film website.


7 Replies to “Dreams From My Real Father”

  1. Well,how about just ‘Dreams From Whoever It Was That Knocked Up My Teenage Hippie Slut Mother” instead?

  2. Thank you Dittoville. Here’s hoping the glaring light of hard reality will snap some sleepyheads out of their somnambulance.

  3. He looks more like Davis and spouts the Communist/Marxixt agenda better than most people. He looks NOTHING like that goatherder from Kenya…that boy has a kind and gentle look. It really does give more food for thought.

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