Obama: The Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together

September 24, 2012

Already recommended on this site, here is the 97 minute film, “DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHER”. Watch it…or look the other way as the America we know and cherish slips away. And now, the other linked pieces of the puzzle: Donald Warden(aka Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour); Vernon Jarrett(father-in-law to White House Svengali Valerie Jarrett); CPUSA superstar, primary childhood mentor(and most likely biological father) to the President, Frank Marshall Davis-all those who helped create this dangerous stranger Obama and his sinister plans for American “transformation.”

Valerie Jarrett: Chicago heiress, slumlord, lifelong socialist/Alinskyite agitator, limousine Leninist, the omnipresent Obama puppeteer.


Barack Obama Jr. or Frank Marshall Davis Jr.? Time, truth and money are on the latter. The media can only lie by omission for so long.


Donald Warden aka Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour: Texas-born Muslim convert, 60’s Black Panther Poobah, career hater of whites/The West/Israel/America; patron to young, upcoming Obama, instrumental in getting him into Harvard and getting it bankrolled via his close ties to rich Saudis(including kindred America Hater Alwaleed bin Tatal).


And then, there’s Don Frederick’s “The Obama Timeline.” The dishonest ravings of a fantasist Birther? Or the truth behind this whole surreal story of America’s biggest boo-boo.


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