Protecting the environment, dealing with pollution, managing and conserving natural resources bear NO relationship to the political religion called Global Warming. The former is a rational effort to better the lot of mankind everywhere. The latter is the latest political ploy for a self-appointed Elite to seize absolute Global power and their child-like followers  to escape the terrors of living in a free, imperfect world. 

Read an open letter at Wall Street Journal from a number of distinguished scientists repudiating the fraudulently touted “crisis” of Global Warming.  Most upsetting to the Environmental Faithful will be the positive suggestions for rational action in service to humanity that does not include destroying free market capitalism. Chicken Little watermelons [Green outside/Red inside] will be exploding globally in warm response. 

 In service to the Lie, even maps have been extravagantly doctored by the Believers, then amazingly corrected under the inconvenient scrutiny of genuine science and rational inquiry. Read the  for more about 115,830 square miles of MELTED POLAR ICE!!! that, amazingly enough, still offer perfect skating conditions and a nice habitat for a growing polar bear population. 

Read about the many deceitful faces of the Global Warming scam.

Read about the long, disgraceful tradition of Junk Science and those lying conmen who have always hoped to profit by it.

Read about Mark Levin’s “Ameritopia,” a history & explanation of gullible humans allowing themselves to be led repeatedly down the primrose path toward a non-existent Utopia.

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