Beautiful: Gareth Malone with his choir of army wives

The plight of the soldier and family waiting back home is universal and timeless. What is more moving than watching and listening to these young (in this case, British) men & women at home and on the front, all juxtaposed against the dangers of the eternal mission against evil? God bless and keep them all, may they return to their families to live out their lives as the bedrock of our civilization’s future.

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Read (at Daily Mail) about Gareth Malone who creates Choirs like a Johnny Appleseed of unlikely and remarkably beautiful vocal ensembles.

Here, our girls give it a go at Royal Albert Hall, live, in front of the Royals! So very human, so very real, so touching.

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United in song (from left): Samantha Stevenson; Nicky and George Scott; Hayley and Ade Bowles; and Emma and Gavin Williams

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