Not content to foolishly give away their own unearned, inherited wealth to people they don’t know and causes they don’t even begin to understand, poor little rich kids dying to be loved band together to come after YOUR money. It feels good! Come the Revolution, we’re sure to be spared the tumbrils and guillotines! Who can fault us? Nobody can call us selfish & greedy like our parents & grandparents! You know…like..those people who actually had to live through the adult experiences of risk, uncertainty and plain hard work to provide us with this cool privilege of patronizing the poor!

A fascinating case study of the mush-headed malady known as Liberalism/Socialism running rampant through the affluent population.

Read about this astonishing exercise in self-indulgence at their website

A highly principled March on the Waldorf! by young people with too much money & time on their hands.

Read Van Helsing’s perceptive take on these eminently Useful Idiots at RightWingNews.

As if created to prove that self-serving compulsory Altruism For All isn’t necessarily restricted to spoiled youngsters, we present to you: Fall, 2011 update. “Patriotic Millionaires” can’t put their money where their mouths are.

Trust Fund Socialist/Useful Idiot update, Wall Street Occu-Pod, October 2011.

More about the many faces of Useful Idiocy.

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