Barack  & Bill: Just 2 Guys From The Neighborhood
Barack & Bill: Just 2 Guys From The Neighborhood

Convincing, detailed, compulsively readable investigation of (among many things) the close relationship between Barack Obama and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.  Not, as Obama finessed,  “…just a guy in my neighborhood,” Ayers probably wrote “Dreams From My Father.”  A giant step toward solving the mystery of how a basically mediocre slickster from who-knows-where became President of the USA. More perplexing is how a willfully blind public would allow this to happen.

Read Jamie Glazov’s interview with author Jack Cashill at

From 2008, Michael Reagan answers “Why Ayers Matters”‘ at Human Events.

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Dozens of helpful links at on the mystery that is Obama both here and here.

Much deserved praise for Jack Cashill’s expose by Herbert E. Meyer at American Thinker.

Another review by John C. Drew at NewsRealBlog.

Go to Jack Cashill’s website for links to  more of his writing.

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