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The Right To Work: “the one workers’ right that union bosses despise.”  When union members realize their “protectors” have stolen their freedom to work in exchange for false “security,” the Great Lie will be exposed. Taking the next step: when those union members start acting as free, self-determined individuals with choice,  a revolution will have occurred. America will be back.

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More on unions and the National Right To Work Committee and the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation.

3 Replies to “No One Should Be Forced to Join a Union”

  1. their is no individual in the communist state and unions are based on that principle. Lenin, in 1917, used the phrase, in the rise of the communist party in Russia: all power to the Soviets. the Soviets were the unions that eventually became the Soviet Union, which it still is, today, only under another name.

    1. It’s a deadly trade-off for union members in the U.S: their freedom of choice or the dubious security of being a ward of the unions and their corrupt bosses. Once dependent upon whatever their bosses can shake down for them from the taxpayers, it’s the rare individual who has the dignity to turn away from the corrupt goodies provided them. On a larger scale, the Liberals/Socialists/Statists/Today’s Democratic Party are in the business of recruiting as many dependents as possible for the welfare rolls. Spend, Spend, Spend! Bankrupt the treasury! Destroy business and the free economy.Then the entire populus is yours.

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