William Barr, Dittoville or Michelle-Antoinette? TBA.

UPDATE 12/1/20: So which is it, Bill? Draining the swamp or wallowing in it? Is this a canny strategy or just a disturbing surprise revealing who are really friends and who are really enemies? It’s starting to appear that seemingly trustworthy Barr is a Swamp creature operating at total cross purposes to Trump, delaying first any action against the Russian Collusion Hoaxers and now pretending there is no Election Fraud. Protecting Hillary perhaps? He and members of his family threatened? Sinking feeling this one’s headed for Michelle-Antoinette.com.

Barr Swamp Creature
Draining it or taking a swim?

Kristi Noem

UPDATE 12/2/20: Warming up for national office, Kristi slams back against deliberate disinformation about her open free state and supposed record-high per-capita Covid cases. You tell a lie? Here’s equal time for the truth.

SD Covid disinformation

Venezuela, Paradise on earth…minus a few amenities

UPDATE 12/6/20: Apparently, starving Venezuela has even shown us the glorious way to stealing elections and consolidating absolute State power for The Good Of The People.

Venezuela Election fraud


Fauci & Experts

UPDATE 12/6/20: Expert of Experts, “Lockdown Louie” Fauci gets invited to carry on his ongoing crime against humanity (Fauciism!) in a Biden administration. “…accepted on the spot!” No surprise considering how fatally effective this little crisis monger has been to the Left.

Are we there yetBiden

UPDATE 12/6/20: Add “Gimpy Buck Naked Dog Abuser” to Joe’s CV, fully explaining his broken foot. In future editions of Bartlett’s, another glorious quote to go right alongside the memorable “…and I pledge to…you know…the thing…that frugsesadfewrewr for all our plesfdegjfciright. C’mon man!!!”

Now you know the whole truth and nothing but the...uh...you know...the thing!
Now you know the whole truth and nothing but the…uh…you know…the thing!

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