Time a for a long, hard ( and hopefully final) look at that portrait in the attic.
Time a for a long, hard (and hopefully final) look at that portrait in the attic.
But don’t start celebrating yet.

UPDATE 11/21/17: She and her partner in crime are on the way down. The only question is “How far down can these two go?” When finally cut loose by a whole political Party willingly corrupted by them and now panicking from the blowbacks of that corruption, the pit will be bottomless, the fall long, loud and horrifying. For the Clintonized/Obamanized Dems, the shrieks of horror will be just background to their desperate search for saleable replacements to carry on the Big Con. For the rest of us, the pleasure of their absence will be akin to a fresh new morning.

A tantalyizing thought: the rotten, rotting Clintons exiled forever from the Party they have irreversibly defiled. From the cynical lips of one of their own Hollyweird BFFs, the essential Clinton assessment: “…lying with such ease.” Thanks to such stunning success utilizing that approach,  so now does everyone else of prominence in the Democratic Party. BUT, we’re assured that a reckoning is at hand, not before the seat of God but in this life! With past sexual assault the hottest new thing among prominent Dem men, isn’t it about time?

For dessert, a bonus: sleazy Uncle Joe the Dem’s great hope for 2020?! Yes! Yes! Run, Joe! Run!

Perhaps it’s all too much to hope for. Can the Clintons have really outlived their usefulness to the Dems? Is their legacy of total rot no longer an advantage to the Party of the Permanent Underclass? Are we really on a new road away from the absorption of the Bushes into the Clintons, that final scene of “Animal Farm” where the humans and the pigs have become indistinguishable from the other?

Yes. With a few serious potholes, even lethal landmines along the way. The sage and cautious within us ask, “Why now? Why are the Clintons…and Weinsteins…and Spaceys…and Frankens…their own…suddenly targets for destruction?” Perhaps because it all sets the stage for a bigger, nay, the biggest target of all: Trump. The sheeple are willingly being programmed to revel in this latest form of Outrage, a symptom of a universal compulsion to signal their own virtue, to parade their moral superiority. And what could make them swell more proudly than Trump as their ultimate trophy?

One can safely assume there is a mad search going on for properly  compromising material and victimized witnesses that will bring him down as they’re effectively bringing down the expendable among their own ranks. The goal has been and remains, steadfastly,  a return to the Obama Transformation path. Election, 2016 was a setback, but the war rages on. As Bette Davis said, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”


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