The Joy Of Giving is lost on some, especially those who have nothing to give.

Remember when Nobel Prizes, Academy Awards, Kennedy Center honors had some genuine glamor and cachet attached to them? No more. Add the Presidential Medal Of Freedom to the list of prizes, awards and honors now consigned to permanent meaninglessness by the Left. passed out like cheesy party favors at an Obama Easter Egg Roll. This year’s roster reads like a DNC fundraiser list of Hollywood, business and sports celebs. One would be at pains to pick out any among the honorees who are NOT publicly slavering Obama fans  (a single token exception: sportscaster Vin Scully).

Naturally, our Narcissist-in-Chief has made it all about him. These are “folks who have helped make me who I am and think about my presidency.” Some people feel generous only when looking in a mirror.

Every “participation trophy” and “honor” coming from the Obamas carries all the weight of this piece of paper.

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