John Wayne has been deemed unworthy of a posthumous honor because he said some things that are, by present day standards, “politically incorrect.” Not so strangely, no similar censure is due any “misspeaking” luminary of the past such as Environmentalism Godfather John Muir or Planned Parenthood Patron Saint Margaret Sanger, two untouchable Leftist icons, both quintessential Master Racists and Liberal Fascists. When the Left has to walk anything back, they’ve “misspoken.” Or they just never said it…even if they said it. When a Conservative says something objectionable, he’s just plain evil.

 Anything is forgivable if one walks & talks the proper Marxist line. What is unforgivable is a Conservative stance, even or especially from one who is Black/Hispanic/gay/female/transgendered/an otherwise pitied object of Leftist concern.

"Conservatives" on the Right, "Anyone Else" on the Left.
Anyone Conservative on the Right, Anyone Else on the Left.


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