Any pretense of fair play from today’s Democrats is out the door, down the tubes, gone with the wind. The debate moderator happily hugs her comrade Joey The Clown after brazenly cooperating with him in silencing Ryan’s responses to every abrupt interruption from the Toothsome One. And to handle Jo-Jo’s tossing the whole Intel community under the armored limo, the White House strategy is Deny! Deny! Deny! Lie! Lie! Lie! some more in hopes that such shameless repetition conveys credibility. It’s not just Conservatives thinking, “This boorish clod is the Vice President of the U.S.? This is the impulsive, contemptuous creep who is a heartbeat away from the Presidency? These are the people we elected to protect us and see to America’s best interests?”

It is the great misfortune of these scoundrels (and our good fortune) to live in the era of the Internet where the inconvenient truths of the Benghazi attacks and the timeline of obfuscation can see the light of day despite every attempt to cover up. Sorry, Barack/Hillary/Joe & Company. What happened in Benghazi isn’t staying in Benghazi.

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