Nothing new about overpaid La-La Land Limousine Libs preaching Do As I Say, Not As I Do. BUT…to have these decadent frauds dissected & exposed one-by-one is more fun than any tabloid because it’s all true, right down to the last footnote. And in the Did-You-Know? category: in 2010, 1.5 billion tax dollars$$ earmarked by Demo legislators and skimmed off by film producers in 43 states, all in the name of bolstering each state’s economy. The problem is: only a fraction stays in any state while the rest goes elsewhere, including the pockets of the stars and producers. Always fun to read about Obama’s loyal Hollywood Foot Soldiers who act/sing/mooch/spew obscenities for a living.

Jason Matera, nervy young Human Events editor and  master of his own line of Breitbartian Ambush Videos.

Rundown of Top 10 Hollywood Hypocrites at Human Events.

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