The issue of Obama’s birth certificate is only one part of what may prove to be the most dazzling scam ever perpetrated upon the American people. Aside from the pure fascination and scandal of it all, Obama’s presidency and all Socialist legislation including ObamaCare could be nullified in the process. God bless this age of the internet allowing the free flow of information and instant communication. Objective truth, plain facts, are to the Radical Left what daylight is to a vampire. 

Part One and Part Two of Doug and Joseph Hagmann’s investigative report at CanadaFreePress.

YouTube video essay on the Constitutional qualifications for being U.S. President.

Detailed Catalogue of Evidence compiled by NJ attorney Mario Apuzzo at his blog.

More on the fraud that is the Barack Obama successfully peddled to America.

5 Replies to “Obama: Natural born American citizen or not?”

  1. Unmentioned is another possibility. Randy Stanley Dunham may not know the identity of a drug-addled one-night-stand with a random black guy.

    It would be quite inconvenient to have listed as father “unknown” when Barry Soetoro had such “Dreams” from this phantom.

    1. That question about Obama’s paternity is posed in Jack Cashill’s “Deconstructing Obama.” There are many, many things that will add up to one sensational story when the truth about Obama’s past finally sees the light of day. The Donald may be the one who makes it happen.

  2. But nowhere have I ready anything about the chaos that will ensue if he is ultimately found to ineligible. Does Biden move up? Horrors! Do all Obama’s votes go to Mc Cain? Only less horrible. What happens to all the bills the would-be Prez has signed? No where is any of this addressed; not in the Constitution or in any subsequent legislation or court opinions. Anyone have an idea?

    1. The disorientation of such a scenario would be minor compared to the chaos of his continuing Presidency. It might also serve as a valuable lesson, a chastening to those who would vote for “Change” regardless of the deadly consequences. As for succession, that’s all laid out. Yes, Biden for a [very brief] while.

  3. I believe an American President should be a natural born citizen of this country. Preferably, he/she should have a true understanding of what Jeffersonian Americanism is about, which can happen, in my opinion, after that person has been here for more than one generation. The old adage, “it takes three generations to make a gentleman” should apply also to the making of a presidential candidate. I believe the birther issue is the most important issue. I believe the evidence shown originally that he was born in Kenya is true. I also believe that all other evidence supporting his origins from Hawaii are fabrications to support broadcast media who need something to report about … What has happened to their American Patriotism?

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