Hardly a bastion of conservatism or Tea Party principles, the Washington Post comes to its senses and faces down the institutionalized extortion of  The Unions. Can the rest of the business world be far behind? Will tickets to a Broadway show become affordable again?  Most ominously for the Liberal Establishment, will the MSM be forced to balance their viewpoints, attracting conservatives again? Can common sense and truth be making a comeback in the Mainstream Media?

Read Ronald Kessler at Newsmax.com and  applaud Katharine Graham’s granddaughter.

A 2009 article also by Ronald Kessler at Newsmax.com celebrating the wider ramifications of the “new” WaPo.

Read Lloyd Grove’s profile/interview of the forward-looking Katharine Weymouth at Wired.com.

Meanwhile, the clueless Obama administration continues on its suicide mission, doing business with the devil as ObamaCare waiver after waiver is granted to Unions. Read Jim Hoft at Human Events.

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