How will posterity assess the pair of major body blows history’s greatest nation has taken since 2008? These two greatest full-frontal assaults on human liberty have been the lingering Obama Hoax and the one we are living now, the Corona Virus Hoax.

Prerequisite clarification: the Virus Hoax is not the virus but the hysterical reaction to it. Wuhan flu most definitely kills, by overwhelming numbers, the elderly and those (in overwhelmingly fewer numbers) younger people with existing conditions and/or compromised immune systems. Healthy people by the billions have carried on, unaffected for millennia as potential disease swirled around them 24/7/365. Shutting down the entire world and observing the¬†usual suspects intent on keeping it shut down verifies it’s all about politics, not “science” or concern for humanity’s health.

ObamaNation (2008-2016) was designed and carried out to reduce America to one more trembling, FACELESS tyranny ruled over by a self-anointed Elite. This promised Transformation was interrupted by the shocking emergence of Trump leading the charge toward a reborn free market. Astonishingly, the Virus Hoax with its lockdowns and ENFORCED MASS UNEMPLOYMENT has demonstrated in a matter of weeks how easily that magnificently thriving free market with record low unemployment can be reduced to a silent ghost town.

Each day as Americans (and the rest of the world) wake up to the destructive enormity of what has been perpetrated, it’s become obvious that this crime falls right down along Party lines. Those states ruled over by Democrats(with very few exceptions) still find themselves forbidden to live American lives of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One more day, one more week, one more month, 6 more months, next year. Arbitrary and totally fraudulent.

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