UPDATE 12/4/23: Contrary to what has become conventional wisdom about dope’s “relative harmlessness,” it is a slow-moving plague. No surprise it rode into general public acceptance on the Leftist wave that consumed the young in the 60s, and now it’s gone the distance to full legitimacy and now legal in an increasing number of states. Society will pay dearly for this.


UPDATE 9/12/23: Guess what? Legitimate studies now emerge proving that legalizing pot is not a good thing. Among many reasons why not, it’s even addictive! Who knew?

UPDATE 9/3/23: Not by chance have the effects of marijuana use gone hand-in-hand with Leftist/counter-cultural thinking since the 60s. Now that it’s legalized, everyone is obliged to take it in via the second hand pot smoke now permeating every imaginable setting in places like New York and San Francisco. Not cool, man.

Courtesy of the same health fanatics who insisted we all wear masks for two years. 

UPDATE 8/9/23: One of George Soros’ earlier moves (going back to 1994) to destroy America was pushing for the decriminalization of dangerous drugs. His subversion takes in not only the dismantling of the legal system but the literal poisoning of young American brains and bodies. Legalized pot is just one more step on the way to Soros-inspired Armageddon.

UPDATE 8/5/23: It’s not bad enough to have granted legalization to what is a provably destructive recreational drug. Now we’re supposed to pay all those “victims” denied this poison in order to retroactively “undo the harm of prohibition.” We have truly gone ’round the bend.

UPDATE 1/18/23: Odd how the same people virtually criminalizing cigarette smokers for years are equally rabid about legalizing pot and forcing contact highs on others in public places.

Make it look like candy, and brain-dead babes of all ages will scream for it.

UPDATE 12/23/22: Does the average person know the fatal consequences of relaxed drug laws in states like Colorado and Oregon, normalizing such brain-friers as marijuana?

UPDATE 11/23/22: No surprise that the same authorities who continue to deny the deadly effects of marijuana make a huge issue of how bad vaping and tobacco are. Truth and science continue to grow yet further apart for reasons both political and financial.

UPDATE 10/28/22: They’re legalizing/celebrating an insidiously dangerous drug touted as “harmless” that actually destroys brain cells, remains in the user’s system indefinitely and facilitates irrational thought and behavior. What could possibly go wrong? 

UPDATE 10/12/22: Remember how legalizing pot was going to eliminate all the crime and public health costs when it was taboo? Now it’s legal, and although it’s raising tax revenue and making piles of money for those pushing it, the damage done to users and society as a whole is an undeclared epidemic in the making. 

UPDATE 10/5/22: Life-saving drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ are politicized, slandered, even banned and criminalized while brain-altering, brain-rotting marijuana is newly legal, deemed “harmless” and subject to little or no regulation. A recent blanket pardon from the Pretend POTUS for federal violators of weed/grass-related infractions is symbolic encouragement for its use from the top. One more victory for the social wrecking crew.

Like GIVING candy TO a baby. Colorful display case of assorted flavors in Vegas, 2017 the night before it became legal in 7 states. As of 2022, 41 states grants pot legal medical status and 23 have decriminalized it.


UPDATE 5/28/22: Hardly a coincidence that marijuana has been a major accessory to the Marxist politics of destruction besieging us since the 60s. Now it’s legalized, mainstream, legitimized, and the negative results should give pause to those claiming it’s no better or worse than taking a drink. Hardly the whole story, but it has to be figured into what sends a lunatic like the Texas shooter over the brink. Not to mention all the other drugs so readily and routinely supplied by doctors like the SOMA cubes of Huxley’s pharmaceutically pacified “Brave New World.” (See #10.)

UPDATE 12/8/19: No specific data or stats available, but could there be a correlation between the increasingly insane mutations  of Trump Derangement and the growing move to take away the legal stigma of smoking dope? What is available are yet more legitimate warnings that it’s a “quiet” addiction ruining lives.

UPDATE 2/17/19: How great is it that KounterKultureKoolKitty Kamala, a leading candidate for the Dem POTUS nomination, now includes pandering to brain-fried potheads left over from the Sixties and their voting age grandchildren, bred and brainwashed for Progressivism. As she giddily exults, “it gives a lot of people joy, and we need more joy.” This despite every indication that the stuff destroys.

UPDATE 1/27/19:  Marijuana, mental illness and violence. Ignore the links among them at your own (and society’s) risk.

ORIGINAL POST 6/10/18: Some issues will just not go away, even in this age of disposable news cycles and the frantic search for the newest, attention-grabbing headline. One story that should never be back-burnered is the proven harmfulness of marijuana, particularly to the young. In Great Britain, 90% of teens seeking help in clinics are in reaction to marijuana use.

Though not necessarily a gateway drug, it almost certainly affects brain development in the young and can aggravate medical disorders it claims to treat. Respiratory problems, a compromised immune system and reduced brain function are virtually certain side effects. Other well-documented liabilities are the drug’s persistent presence in one’s system and the danger of hereditary effects. 

For what it’s worth: even two Kennedy cousins offer authoritative warning. Patrick Kennedy and Christopher Lawford, both recovering addicts, have gone as far as discouraging the legalization of ANY addictive drugs, beginning with the supposedly “harmless, recreational” marijuana.  Having lived the curse of heavy drug addiction, Kennedy even gives credit to POTUS Trump for acknowledging the dangers of addiction, making public reference to his brother Fred’s fatal alcoholism. And his own adamant teetotalism.

Marijuana harmless? Legalization a good idea…and something other than a money-making corruption of our culture? Think again. 


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