UPDATE 1/1/20: No longer just an embarrassment to devout Catholics but now, in a public relations disaster, just another cranky, mean old coot. One can easily empathize with any celebrity recoiling from the overeager physical advances of a fan, but this belies the carefully cultivated image saintly Social Justice Warrior.

UPDATE 5/6/18: The Pope has become as reliably Leftwing PC hypocritical as Rosie O’Donnell or George Clooney. Perhaps he’s just another empty Hollywood celeb playing a role.

Our eternally springing hopes for a new Pope to unify & stabilize  in these divisive times are now pretty much kaput, thanks to his much-heralded Congressional speech. The man is a Progressive mouthpiece, drawing lavish praise from Bernie Sanders and the Climate Change faithful. Predictably, for some like militant gays and abortion enthusiasts, he’s not Progressive enough.

Obama and the Left are very pleased. The rest of us, not so much.

Unholy alliance.
Unholy alliance.

3 Replies to “Pope Francis: The Catholic Church goes full-tilt Progressive”

  1. As a practicing Catholic, I am with you on this one, Fred.At a time when we need Michael the Archangel, we’ve got a leftist Caspar Milquetoast. God have mercy on us.

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