At last, a refreshingly clear stand against the takeover of the American economy by Obama’s Fundamental Transformers. Sign the petition, be part of the grassroots movement to defund the ObamaCare monstrosity. It comes down to whether your healthcare is a private affair between you and your physician or the business of a massive, impersonal bureaucracy arbitrarily allowing or denying you healthcare. And are you ready to pay up to double the prices for your private plan? What’s it called again: the Affordable Care Act?


 Ted Cruz? Heroic role model or self-promoting opportunist?  Mark Levin vs. Charles Krauthammer. Whatever the opinion, Ted Cruz is now very much on the map. Hero! Spoiler! Hero! Spoiler! Hero! Spoiler! Hero! Spoiler! Hero! Spoiler! ObamaCare, a trainwreck? It’s unanimous…unless you’re Nancy Pelosi who, extra-special Congroid that she is, won’t have to suffer its indignities and inconveniences(like rationed medical care and a doctor shortage) anyhow.


The “success” of this guaranteed disaster is also dependent upon the stupidity of the young who are expected to subsidize the medical care of their elders.

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