UPDATE 9/25/13: Ben Carson, post Cruz/ObamaCare filibuster, reminds us there are no lost causes when freedom is defended.

As American Thinker headlines, what a contrast!

With Barack & Michelle Obama sitting by, taking it manfully: “PC is dangerous,” he says, “it muffles people. It puts a muzzle on them and at the same time keeps people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this society is being changed…we need to start talking about things…”

And talk he does.

Everything out of his mouth runs counter to Obama’s Plan. Flat tax! Health Savings Accounts! “What do lawyers learn at law school? To win, by hook or by crook.” Two thuggish Chicago lawyer crooks sitting by, this man stands there “talking about things.” Disagreeing, countering, reducing the sainted Barack in His presence?! It’s simply not done, according to his faithful flock of toadies. Speaking to Hannity weeks afterward, Carson reveals he was “warned not to offend the President.” So like the world of Godfathers and Third World tinpot dictators.

But it is. And people like it. What a contrast, what a choice. Ben Carson for President!


Philanthropist: Carson Scholarship Fund.

Author: “America The Beautiful,” “Gifted Hands.”



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