UPDATE 4/16/18: As Bill Clinton’s bitter liar of a wife would term it: another “cry from the White Nationalist gut” intent on denying basic rights to Black people…Oh, wait a minute. This one is an articulate America citizen who’s…wait for it…Black. So here’s to you, Mr. Robinson!

UPDATE 10/17/13: Mindless capitulation to criminals isn’t restricted to government bureaucracy. In the case of a New Hampshire man foiling a robbery & possibly saving his own life, his boss & district manager went to bat for him, but Corporate upstairs has their rules. The employee says he’d prefer going home to his family, not into the ground in a box.

Bill Whittle addresses an obtuse collection of politicians and their enablers among the populace. Whose side are you on: victims or predators?

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Disarming Victims, Enabling Predators”

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