Ode To The Welfare State, 1949

December 15, 2012

Authentic? Photo-shopped? Does it matter? Everything old is new again. Nothing new under the sun. Deja vu all over again. When will they ever learn?

There is an old joke about Harry Truman campaigning in some small cowtown out West, giving a bombastic speech, promising this, promising that, promising the other thing, each of which is greeted by a resounding “OOOMPAH!” from the fired-up crowd. After practically giving away the U.S. Treasury to an unending chorus of “OOMPAH!”, Harry walks away from the podium back to his car, accompanied by one of his hosts, wholly pleased with himself. As they are crossing the road, his host suddenly blurts out, “Ooops! Watch yourself, Mr. President. Don’t step in the oompah.”


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