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For perspective, read this article following yet another earlier shooting. For that matter, let’s just ban everything that’s potentially harmful, just in case….

Question: What could anyone do to protect the lives of innocents in a situation like the Newtown CT shooting?

Answer: Allow & encourage responsible, trained adults to carry handguns. One well-placed shot could have eliminated the shooter before a single child was harmed.  Even better, the knowledge that there are armed, serious adults standing between a killer and and those he hopes to kill provides some deterrent to even the most criminally insane murderer. If the deranged perp lacks the courage to kill himself and stages an attack for the express purpose of getting himself killed, any armed, serious adult interested in protecting the lives of the innocent would be doing the world a favor to do it for him. There is no downside to this scenario that is worse than a crazed maniac walking into a school, unimpeded, without one armed person between him and his intended victims. Just as this monster did and others will continue to do in “gun-free” zones. Let the “gun-free for thee but not me” hypocrites like Michael Bloomberg (the privileged recipient of a 24/7 armed guard contingent) continue to “shoot themselves” in the foot planted squarely in their mealy mouths.


Question: Why aren’t people with a disturbing mental history like the Newtown CT killer  under lock & key or at least under serious observation?

Answer: Forcible institutionalization of the criminally insane is illegal in CT and elsewhere thanks to the reliably perverse ACLU.

Question: Why, if there is a God, would He would allow this to happen?

Answer: Where there is God (good), there is the Devil(evil). These opposites define the other. It’s wishful, infantile, rather dangerous thinking to believe that God has the sole power to prevent/eliminate evil (such as Sandy Hook) or natural misfortune (such as Hurricane Sandy). Human beings, in exchange for the minds and souls and free will granted us, share with Our Creator in the responsibility for handling both evil and natural misfortune. Our Founding Fathers drafted an incomparable Constitution with all that in mind. Read it and keep the faith.


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  1. As always, real leaders proceed by example: Americans will know it is safe to ban guns when the President of the United States gives up his armed bodyguards.

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