Long overdue removal of the kid gloves by writer David Goldman, the real person behind the long anonymous “Spengler” of the Asia Times.  Read this eerily prescient warning written just prior to Obama’s election in 2008. He correctly identifies Obama as a malignant, manufactured political creature, not unlike a Manchurian Candidate, a Body Snatcher or some other covert strain of alien creature in our midst.  American fair play and authentic acceptance of diversity has been used craftily against us. No more.


In describing the empty, lethal character Obama is, Goldman calls up Tyrone Power’s beautiful, scarily detached conman/charlatan  in “Nightmare Alley.” As one reviewer writes of the lead character’s dramatic rise and sordid downfall, “Carlisle has a religious quality to him as he gains confidence, power and money  playing his…act. His downfall may have something to do with divine  intervention as punishment for what could be perceived as Carlisle’s ‘playing  God.’ “

5 Replies to “When Do We Get to Attack Obama’s Character?”

  1. Pop Media and the fourth estate as the Fifth Column made it possible.

    An article predicts a rise of the EU for a coming prosperous decade and maybe for the USA.

    In The Late, Great Planet Earth, Hal Lindsay predicted the rise of the Holy Roman Empire which would set the Biblical scenario for the War of Armageddon and the entire world against Israel. Lindsay couldn’t project the US place in such a scenario-the dis-empowerment that would happen as only even vague reference to America would be “Fire on those that dwell securely in the coastlands”.

    If this is indeed the world stage being set up, it sure beats being nuked into oblivion or out of power..

  2. A Malignant Presence. That is well said and correct. Many of us have had the same thought about a ‘built’ president. From his time in the Ill. state legislature, he has played his part well, a good actor. Demos have bought millions of voters with welfare and favoring laws. The adult ‘dependents’ will vote for him again.

  3. The malignancy of Obama and his machine has been so obvious for so long, yet we have played along all this time with the lying MSM, the lying Democrat Party, the lying Axelrod, the lying Rahm, the lying Clintons, the lying Obamas.

    Can we not drop the pretense and go after these America-haters as they deserve? They are doing their utmost to throw us all into the ditch and cover us with slime.

  4. I just cannot understand the complicity of the press. What are they thinking? Why would they join in activities that will weaken and indeed destroy our country. I also believe Obama and his ilk truly want to destroy us, redistribute wealth while we still have some. We can only hope that the press and Congress will come to their senses.

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