Kathleen Sibelius Bogus Claim About U.S. Health Care: Like a Developing Country

Mme. Commissar-Secretary. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A Triumph of the Will for 21st century Saviors of the Masses. ObamaCare is all about the uncontrolled power of government over every aspect of people’s lives, not about improved healthcare. For those still with stars in their eyes over our Great Leader, stand by shortly for your form letter from The Secretary of HHS informing you of certain severe penalties that will be exacted if you don’t do this or that. Or perhaps you might be turned down for treatment because a bureaucrat has decided you’re too old…or your noble Officer of the State is feeling a bit peckish that day. And you thought the insurance companies were difficult or unresponsive? Wait until there’s just One (1)  Insurer, and there’s nowhere else to go. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Read Clarice Feldman’s highly realistic, not-funny letter from hell  at American Thinker.

Read Commissar Seblius’ modest announcement that the free market and free choice are dead at CNSNews, article by Fred Lucas.

Aside from the quality of healthcare plummeting as bureaucratic control strangles the incentive of millions of health-related workers, there is also the destruction of the individual human character. Why work if everything is promised? Read Don Surber at DailyMail.com for some solid facts & figures on what dependent Americans have come to expect from the government.

More on ObamaCare.

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