As with almost anything to do with political power and corruption, it’s “Follow The Money.” In the case of our public schools, it’s hundreds of millions, probably billions, of tax dollars diverted everywhere except where they’re supposed to go. One can start investigating the sainted Teachers unions, NOT to be confused with conscientious teachers.

Read an interview/review of “Urban Schools” and its authors at NJ.com.

Go to FoundationAcademy.org for an inspiring charter school alternative to the boundless corruption and destruction of most Trenton public schools.

Watch Foundation Academy [soon to be Academ(ies)] video.

Another charter school organization, American Paradigm Schools in Philadelphia, provides hope, security and discipline for young people through projects like Memphis Street Academy,

Read more about NJ Governor Chris Christie and his pivotal fight against the entrenched interests of Unions, in particular those of New Jersey teachers.

More about the authors’ mission at Citizens for Successful Schools(cssnj.org).

More about Governor Scott Walker and his battle with Big Labor [aka Teachers Unions].

More about Public Education and Unions.

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