Formidable: Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher in her heyday

A flesh-and-blood woman of brilliance and vision, a towering world figure….

…and the silly imitation of such. See Meryl act!

Meryl Streep as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Read “The Real ‘Iron Lady’ ” by Ed Feulner at

The real (in all senses) lady (in all senses) lives out her dotage in much-deserved peace, March 2012 (Daily Mail).

More about the real Margaret Thatcher including a link to her Foundation site containing her papers, speeches, a complete chronicle of an extraordinary life & career.

2 Replies to “The Real “Iron Lady””

  1. Skip the movie: IRON LADY, it’s a hideous portrayal of Margaret Thatcher showing her as a hallucinating, drinking, dowdy, old lady sinking into an Alzheimer’s stupor; and even when she was leading England out of it’s economic morass they choose to show the people of England, hating her and riots in the streets.
    Of course. It’s a Hollywood hack job wanting to paint her as a wretched fading creature rather than one of the most extraordinary prime ministers Great Britian has ever had, and the longest serving.
    I love Meryl Streep’s acting as much as the next person. But she should be ashamed to have been a part of this movie’s portrayal of Lady Thatcher. And I haven’t heard any reviews that express this view, oddly not even from the conservatives.

    1. Naturally, a low opinion of Meryl Streep among the intelligentsia is just not held by anyone worth mentioning, but I have never had the slightest interest in any character she’s ever played. Contrast her freakish caricature of Thatcher with Helen Mirren’s portrayal of the Queen as a three dimensional, intensely human being. Mirren is a great actress, an intelligent, serious, conscientious artist while Streep is, at most, a detached mimic. She was the perfect choice for a high-gloss, high-budget, big-star hatchet job, as usual bringing her always stunning superficiality to a profound subject. This one will go down alongside Oliver Stone’s various historical ravings as beautifully produced swill.

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