punch palin[1]

Note kindly, compassionate fist of tolerance approaching from bespectacled conservative speaker’s left.

The best description of the Leftist/Progressive mind would be a veritable Grand Chasm stretching miles between what they say [Civility! Fairness! Legality! Ethics!] and what they actually do. Acknowledging this permanent, systemic gap in the Leftist/Progressive ethos offers the best hope of controlling the damage done to every free, civilized society they’ve attempted to “revolutionize,” not to mention the finer sensibilities & equilibrium of any conservative unfortunate enough to engage them in personal debate. The best approach is constant exposure. It won’t cure the problem, but at least it’s driven back…temporarily.

Read Frank Miele at DailyInterLake.com.

Read Derek Hunter discuss “How Progressives Work” at Townhall.com.

Even the left-leaning Daily Show [posted at HotAir.com] can’t resist exposing Liberal DoubleSpeak.

And then there’s the classic Happy Meals ban in San Francisco, also skewered by the Daily Show.

As long as “civility” is the topic, some classic readings on the subject at TheFreemanonline.org.

More on the Orwellian quality of the Leftist/Progressive agenda.

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