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Ironies abound as capitalism and normal, healthy human “greed” crashes the anti-capitalist, anti-corporate, purely altruistic OccupyWallStreet party. Why, even rusty old Red (and OWS participant) Pete Seeger has his own corporation and forgot to “share the wealth” with the penniless author of one of his biggest hits. Communists have to make a buck too, and some of the most successful ones do it by leaving the unpleasant details to their lawyers.

Read about the burgeoning new profits waiting to be reaped from OWS as reported by Kristina Sgueglia at CNN.com.

Update: “Occupy Portland incorporates; dispute erupts over website control.” Another evil corporation exploiting the 99%!

And while on the subject of Leftist Greed: there’s the Martin Luther King monument on the National Mall (crafted by a Chinese Communist sculptor to look like just another stone cold sinister tribute to Chairman Mao) …and the $800,000 demanded by King’s family for using his words on the monument. For the Left, this is not Greed. It’s “Social Justice” when it’s their own pockets they’re filling.

The new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is shown in Washington August 22, 2011. REUTERS-Jason Reed

 More Orwellian contradictions of the Left.


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