After decades of acquiescence to slooooooow strangulation by the kindly hands of Big Government, Obama’s unabashed Socialist agenda has awakened startled Americans from near-death. The grassroots Tea Party reaction gives us every reason to be hopeful. Take heed, lock & load, educate the young for the future, and don’t let this happen again. 

Take heart from Brad Lips’ outstanding article at American Thinker.

More about the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (, a network of hundreds of free-market think tanks, currently headed by Brad Lips.

One Reply to “Cheer-up, America! The Case for American Optimism”

  1. I can hardly believe that we put an UnAmerican as our President!!!

    This person just got the Democrats and the black people to believe he was the best man for President.

    Also this person does not qualify because he was not born in America!!! He got fake papers to get in!!!

    Now we must get him out of our America and never allow him to return!!!

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