ORIGINAL POST 3/16/11: While the Japanese bravely face their misfortune and dig themselves out, self-absorbed, pampered Western hysterics of both sexes run out for iodine pills and harbor nightmares of Armageddon. Primitive, infantile fear drives many of our friends & relatives, easy prey to the latest  promises of perfect security from the Left: Dead Oceans! Global Warming!! Nuclear Winter [again]!!! Naturally, it’s always a call for more government control and “protection.”

Not suprisingly to some of us, those imminent (!) Doomsday deadlines have come and gone, and Ol’ Man River keeps on rollin’ along.

Read just one example of the same old story by Woody Hochswender at Breitbart.

Welcome to ExitMundi.nl, a collection of End-of-World scenarios.

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