If there was any doubt that this lockdown of America and the entire world was anything but a catastrophic coup engineered and prolonged by the Progressive Elite behind our era’s Democratic Party, check out this liberated boat flotilla in Florida.


Why are Trump 2020 flags flying everywhere and nary a sign of Biden Democrats? Were not Liberals and Leftists not quarantined and confined as well, subject to the whole humiliating lockdown? Or is it really accurate to say that the Democrat Left electorate was unconsciously playing out an order as obedient foot soldiers in the cause of destroying Trump. Is the end of the CoronaCraze cause for Democrat Left mourning, another victory for Trump’s Deplorables?

Is there any doubt left that this was a stunt designed to destroy MAGA where Russian Collusion and Impeachment have miserably failed?

Whatever decent Democrats decide, the rest of us are rejoicing at the recovery of our American civil liberties, our natural, God-given rights, living them again.



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