The Obama Legacy
The Obama Legacy

Are we on the verge of a second American civil war? Are we in the clutches of an epidemic infecting the whole American body politic? Sometimes it seems like it, considering the “resistance” and its frantic, loud lurch yet further each week into its fantasied NoNeverNeinTrump!!! universe. “To hell with the law and the Constitution underpinning it!” “If only Hillary was POTUS!” they moan and cry and shriek and pine. And in the most demented circles, she IS POTUS!

Madam President: the Left's alternate reality.
Madam President: the Left’s alternate reality.

In flight from the unbearable reality that is TrumpWorld, there is no law that can’t be circumvented, no insane means off-limits in pursuit of their noble vision for the perfect, planned society. When the Governor of New York actually threatens to sue the Supreme Court down the line for rejecting social activism in favor of the unbiased Constitutional interpretation it was always intended, we are currently faced with a whole political Party that considers itself so virtuous that it is entitled to go literally “above the law” in pursuit of its noble goals. Has anyone informed Mr. Cuomo that the Supreme Court is the SUPREME Court,  the highest in the land, the final stop? Or in his frantic state, does he believe American law is to be tailored to his whims of the moment?

Boiled down to essentials, we are witnessing people driven insane by the constant confrontation with reality that every responsible, rational adult has to face. There are debits and credits and a bottom line in the real world; not so in the Progressive world of planned societies, guaranteed benefits, no war, no inequality, no hunger. Just happy, happy people all safe, secure and provided for against a Hollywood façade of perfect, safe neighborhoods with no indication of the 1001 sweating, worrying grown-ups required for the production of every blade of green grass and water-tight roof and flushing toilet. A rational social order is lots and lots of people in a free bustling market place, free to practice, perfect and sell their various trades. And a legal system in place to deal with the inevitable differences, serious and trivial.

How to explain those countless successful individuals in business-Hollywood and the corporate world-who are party to such mass denial and self-delusion? Ayn Rand convincingly argued that it was the rejection of rational self-interest replaced by self-aggrandizing, hypocritical altruism that explains the deadly paradox of the wealthy Leftist. For many, mouthing Leftist platitudes and pushing collectivist legislation provides a path to more power and a cover for their own greed and power lust. Doubtless others are actually so guilt-ridden about their own success that they feel compelled to apologize for themselves.

Whatever the motive, the bottom line is social destruction, undermining the legal system, the Constitution.  On a positive note, there is currently panic aplenty over the 180 degree pivot from Obama’s “transformation” back to an America of (real not metaphoric) working people, each protected by law to provide for himself and enjoy the freedom America’s Founders intended. Bad news for a Dem Party that survives solely on human despair and helplessness, good news for the rest of us.

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