He’s square, he’s socially awkward, his voice is too high, he’s not particularly telegenic, he’s a lot of things that don’t really matter when principled, unwavering leadership is the job description.

Political watchers are still scratching their heads about Donald Trump’s soaring poll numbers. Why, they ask? He’s blunt, he’s talking free market capitalism prosperity; strong, relentless defense; making America great again. Ted Cruz is very likely to win the Iowa caucus, and for all the same reasons.

One is the colorful BMOC frat boy with a somewhat out-of-control hunger for making headlines. But his thing about “doing deals” makes his principles a little “flexible.” The other is inflexibly himself and doesn’t do dealsand he’s probably the one you want for designated driver when everyone else is facedown in the spiked punch. Take your pick.

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