Harry Reid: ObamaCare horror stories “absolutely false.”

March 12, 2014

Cancer patient kicked off her insurance plan by the well-intentioned, compassionate, affordable ObamaCare. Other perfectly verifiable horror stories abound. And then some.


Now tell us once more: why should calling it OBAMACare be a no-no for its big-hearted namesake and those who idolize him? Anything so wonderful deserves an appropriate name with full credit rewarded where full credit is fully due.


2 Responses to Harry Reid: ObamaCare horror stories “absolutely false.”

  1. […] and only just lately, the eloquent & elegant Harry Reid chimed in during his memorable ObamaCare-Horror-Stories-Are-All-Lies screed before Congress that it’s all about THE KOCH BROTHERS.”They’re buying America! America is not […]

  2. ObamaCare: Still here, still awful. | Dittoville on January 2, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    […] away yet. If you haven’t already heard from your insurance company or from your doctor: Obama’s Major Lie about keeping your plan and your doctor, forget it. You can’t.  The Unaffordable Care Act […]

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