“Humanitarian” Google Goes Nork

January 17, 2013

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, second from right, and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, left, leave after their meeting at a hotel in Beijing Monday, Jan. 7, 2013. Schmidt, who is part of a delegation led by Richardson, is scheduled to leave Monday on a commercial flight bound for North Korea, a country considered to have the world’s most restrictive Internet policies. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Google’s Eric Schmidt accompanied by Demo Party hustler/stooge Bill Richardson stage a “humanitarian” mission in the long grand tradition & style of American Fat Cat Capitalists covertly doing deals with Communist tyrants.

[UPDATE: 1/20/13] Interesting that it took Schmidt’s teenage daughter Sophie to blog openly and directly about the chilling lifelessness of what they saw. This can’t be of much concern for her father, Richardson and the rest of the “humanitarian” delegation. Western crony capitalists on the make don’t deal with the inconveniently starving, subjugated masses in a Socialist Paradise. It’s the Big Fish who do the deals. Always follow the money, especially with Leftist “humanitarians.”

And meanwhile, on another Crony Capitalist front(Al Gore Long GREEN Division), Paypal founder and ObamaPal Elon Musk continues to rake in $$ hundreds of millions for “green” schemes. Once again, Big Biz Bold Bald theft from the U.S. Treasury under the heart-tugging  guise of “environmentalism” or “humanitarianism.”

Big Business + Big Government=The Antithesis Of What Free Enterprise/Free Markets Are All About.


3 Responses to “Humanitarian” Google Goes Nork

  1. […] Full Michelle-Antoinette treatment forthcoming. In the meantime, a thumbnail sketch. Busy, busy Bill and sinister Google Guy Eric Schmidt choose hospitable North Korea for their latest random Act of Goodness. […]

  2. […] Winter/Climate Change/Whatever profiteer. Fast becoming our new meme: regarding Leftist “Humanitarians“-always, always, always follow the money.  Accusing the diabolical Koch Brothers of funding […]

  3. […] The Albert Gore [Junior & Senior] family connection. Occidental Petroleum [Big Oil] money for the guy who would make hundreds of millions off the Globaloney Warming scam, followed eventually by more hundreds of millions from oil-rich Arab sheiks buying up Al’s Current TV boondoggle. Armand and Al, carrying on a great crony capitalist tradition. Always, always follow the money, especially with leftwing “philanthropists.” […]

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