Liberal/Socialist brains are in a perennial state of artificial inflation: Elevated Utopian Ideals with little connection to the reality of millennia of human experience. To effect Liberal panic, all one has to do is publicly breathe one calm sentence of common sense that, by definition, flies in the face of the Grand Obama Plan.  Speak a whole paragraph, taking a rational argument for good policy to its conclusion in 3-4 sentences, and you have meltdown.

For today’s refresher, try Andrew Klavan’s sensible take at PJ Media.

Admittedly, Sisyphus’ dilemma is what’s required over the long haul, but what’s a little challenge among determined adults? For inspiration, here are two articles by one writer, Steve McCann, the first a Conservative profession of determination, the second an extraordinary life history at least partially explaining the steel behind that determination. We could all utilize such resolve.

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